Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  
  Beloved brothers and sisters from all over the world:

With the blessings of of our Divine Holy Mother, we are delighted to invite you to come to Los Angeles, USA, for sharing , all of us together, the bliss granted by Her presence, the Adi Shakti Herself!

This website has been created to facilitate your travel to the puja seminar venue.

Come along and let us bathe in the stream of pristine Divine Love that flows from Her Lotus Heart and completely permeates the whole universe, providing its cohesion and meaning.

We wait for you: let us live together in this puja seminar a real sample of the future society envisaged by the Adi Shakti for the whole world! Let us not miss this new opportunity She offers to Her children!

Your brothers and sisters from the three Americas