Community Feedback for Sahaja Yoga
United Earth Organization
"Shri Mataji's discovery brings genuine hope to humanity. "

Claes Nobel, Chairman of United Earth Organization,
Grandnephew of Alfred Nobel, Nobel Prize Founder

Rikers Island
"...the inmate population would constantly approach me regarding the stress level being reduced due to their learned meditation. You were very reliable and an asset to my facility. "

Maria Gerena, Captain
R.A.P. Unit Rikers Island
Correctional Facility, New York City, Department of Corrections

The National Institutes of Health
"I want you to know that many of our patients who serve as research participants in our Clinical Center have benefited from practicing Sahaja Yoga. We have been graced by a couple of excellent teachers in this last year � in introducing your meditative techniques to our patients on Wednesdays and many of our staff have been weekly participants on Fridays. I thank you for making available this effective method for enhancing health and peacefulness. "

George Patrick, Ph.D.
Chief, Recreation Therapy, Rehabilitation Department, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
US Department of Health and Human Services

Su Casa, Methadone To Abstinence Residence
"The utilization of meditation for the detoxification process is new at Su Casa. We are surprised and pleased with the consistent voluntary attendance that the meditation program has attracted. While the therapeutic community approach often makes use of manda tory participation of groups, this group has carried it's own weight and we intend to continue the positive collaboration at our place of residential care. "

Denise Donovant, MA, Assistant Director, MTAR
Lower Eastside Service Center, New York City

William Cullen Bryant High School
"Your commitment to raise the students' awareness about the ills of stress as a deterrent to drug use was very evident as students and staff reached out and actively participated to learn more about Sahaja Yoga Meditation... Thank you for enhancing our school community with a very positive way to stay stress free. "

Thalia Stylianou
William Cullen Bryant High School, New York City

City of Rockville, Maryland
"Many people return week after week and everyone reports a sense of relaxation following the classes. People are thrilled that such a program is offered to them free of charge!... an opportunity to learn how to have self-awareness regarding their physical, mental, and emotional balance. Thanks again for agreeing to work with us to bring such a quality program to the City of Rockville. I look forward to our continued partnership. "

Mandy Bendersly
Youth, Family, and Community Specialist, City of Rockville, MD

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