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With the spreading of Sahaja Yoga, it became well known that water can be vibrated by Shri Mataji, directly by her personal impact or in the presence of her photograph. Many people experienced medicinal properties of such water.

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Vibrated water doesn't get spoiled when stored for a very long time, like several months.

For estimating the quality of the water we used standard, worldwide accepted, sanitary chemical characteristics, which indirectly characterize the degree of water contamination.

We performed several experiments with various sources of water. Water taken from a tap in Kiev was placed near Shri Mataji's photograph.

Obtained results (Table 1) show that the effect of vibrations has changed all the characteristics. Effect of purification comprised from 10% to 70%. It is remarkable that the strongest effect occurred for the limited characteristics exceeding the permissible allowance, such as the content of iron and ammonia, the water turbidity.

Characteristics Initial water Vibrated water
Permanganate oxidability, mg/l 6.3 5.9
Turbidity, mg/l 1.8 0.7
Chromaticity, deg. 60 47
Iron, mg/l 0.69 0.18
Ammonia, mg/l 0.9 0.6
Active reaction of medium, pH 7.45 7.55
Alkalinity, mg-ekv./l 2.4 2.3

In the next experiment, the water was vibrated by adding to it some water vibrated by Shri Mataji personally. 15 milliliters of vibrated water were added to 1.5 liters of water taken from the tap.

The results are shown in table 2. As one can see from the data, Shri Mataji's vibrations had an effect on all the characteristics studied. In this chase the change in the values is not large, but the quality of the tap water was good to start with (the initial values were within the norm accepted for drinking water).

Characteristics Initial water Vibrated water
Permanganate oxidability, mg/l 3.6 3.4
Iron, mg/l 0.12 0.10
Hardness, mg-eq/l 3.8 3.4
Ammonia, mg/l 0.27 0.09
Nitrides, mg/l - -
Nitrates, mg/l 1.0 0.9
Chlorides, mg/l 49.0 46.9

Cabella Ligure - Barbera RiverMany Sahaja Yogis know the fact that the river Barbera in the town of Cabella in Italy was extremely polluted, the local people could not use it. Now there is even trout in this river3.

We performed an analysis of the water from Barbera river, and also after adding to it some amount of water vibrated by Shri Mataji (5 milliliters in half a liter).

The results, presented in Table 3, clearly show that the quality of the water in the river is now much better than in many sources of purified drinking water. But even here Shri Mataji's vibrations improve all the characteristics.

Characteristics Vibrated water Water from Barbera river
Permanganate oxidability, mg/l 1.46 1.84
Iron, mg/l 0.08 0.12
Hardness, mg-eq/l 2.8 2.9
Ammonia, mg/l 0.015 0.018
Nitrides, mg/l - -
Nitrates, mg/l 8.5 10

The researchers are very grateful to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for the invaluable information and the opportunity given to do this research.

Lyudmila Tkachenko, Dr. of Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine

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1Vibrations are manifestation of the all-pervading cosmic power a yogi is connected to after getting his self-realization (see main page). While vibration express the spiritual power, they also have material manifestations which can be studied by scientific methods.
2Synopsis. The whole text is published in Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Moral. Health. Peace: East-West", St. Petersburg 19-20 September 1995, p. 119 (Novgorod, Publishing Center of Economics College)
3For many years Sahaja Yogis from various countries regularly get together in Cabella and meditate together on the bank of Barbera river.

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