Prophecies And Fulfillments
  Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviTo My Flower Children

Shri Mataji was very eager to save her American children from the clutches of the false gurus who had descended upon that country and were looting people in the name of spirituality.

In 1972 she sold her golden jewellry to set sail to America. She visited hall after hall but her message fell on deaf ears as the seekers of those times were too naive to realize that Truth can be obtained without paying fabulous sums of money. On the way back aboard the ship she addressed them in this poem.

You are angry with life
Like small children
Whose Mother is lost in Darkness
Your sulk expressing despair
At the fruitless end of your journey
You wear Ugliness to discover Beauty
You name everything false in the name of Truth
You drain out emotions to fill the cup of Love
My sweet children, my darling
How can you get peace by waging war
With yourself, with your being, with joy itself
Enough are your efforts of renunciation
The artificial mask of consolation
Now rest in the petals of the lotus flower
In the lap of your gracious Mother
I will adorn your life with beautiful blossoms
And fill your moments with joyful fragrance
I will annoint your head with Divine Love
For I cannot bear your torture anymore
Let me engulf you in the ocean of joy
So you lose your being in the Greater one
Who is smiling in your calyx of Self
Secretly hidden to tease you all the while
Be aware and you will find Him
Vibrating your every fibre with blissful joy
Covering the whole Universe with light.


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